East Wax Kickstarter


My dear friends over at East Wax Company have a Kickstarter going at the moment and I'm happy to announce that with every 1,000 dollar pledge to his page you will score a sit down with me over your new custom surfboard! Living in a world so driven by big industry and mass produced bullshit, today is all about supporting the small guys. The guys who bleed to turn small profits just to participate in what they love. It reminds me of why I do what I do. Come help support a good wholesome American brand with all products being produced here with love and accountability. Thanks for your consideration. Have a great week! 

The LongHouse Auction

This is an opportunity to support the arts, the craftsman and the institution. Right now, (and until September 5th) 10 of my boards are scattered around Montauk. Each one painted by one of the incredible artists listed on the flyer below (and more). Go see if you can find them and help support the people who made the SurfCraft show possible. A big thanks goes out to Jack Larsen, Peter, Fitzhugh and all the people who've been vitally instrumental in making this show and auction possible. You all know who you are and I'm speaking directly to you, Thank you.  

The boards and their destinations are listed on the flyer below but if you haven't got the time to go see them and would like to place a bid electronically then head over to http://paddle8.com/auction/longhousesurf/ . Thank you again for your support and happy bidding! xo Clams.


New Models!

Winged Tiger - Falcone Surfboard - Julien Roubinet 1.jpg

The two boards featured above are a few of the newest models currently available for order.  The DTS (Diamond Tail Single) & The Winged Tiger, both single fins with you're average to good surf in mind. 

DTS (Diamond Tail Single) (Average to Good Surf) : This is your classic single fin. Can be set up with an array of bottom contours and rocker profiles to suit you and your needs. It features a beaked nose, modern box rail with a tucked edge running from nose to tail. Primarily flat bottom and deck with a V out the tail. (Order this a little thicker and longer than you're normal shortboard)

Winged Tiger (Good to Really Good Surf) : I originally shaped myself one through the guidance and experimentation of Andrew Kidman and Tom Curren. This will be about the third or forth one I've made. This time I've foiled out the board a little more and kept everything else more subtle. Slight roll up front to a beaked nose that leads into a very slightly rolled deck and modern rails. The wings will provide a nice fulcrum for pivoting while sitting into cut backs or hooking turns under the lip. (Order this based on the dims of your average short board. + 1/4 inch thicker, for better buoyancy, to make up for the naturally narrow plan shape) 

Please shoot me an email with any questions. Thanks! 

Photos by Julien Roubinet 



the falcon and the frenchman

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday in the surf. Thanks to Hawaiian native and tattoo artist extraordinaire Anthony Vicar for shooting some photos of Falcone Surfboards fam, Julien Roubinet. Julien is usually behind the lens in most of the photos featured on the site and now coincidentally we find him in front of the lens. Jules found some nice little pockets and long trim lines yesterday while riding his custom 7'0 Falcon model 

Moving through the summer orders...

Another batch of boards out the door and another heap of blanks on the shaping rack. It's been almost 9 years since I've taken the pilgrimage down to Ocean City NJ, from Rockaway to drop surfboards off with my old buddy Brian Wynn. There has always been a revolving crew of talented individuals working under Brian and its inspiring to see the level of quality that Brian maintains in and out his doors. Brian makes awesome boards and has been doing so for a long time. Check him out (click his name above for a link to his site) and keep supporting your local shaper/craftsman. 


Trying to keep up with the Kardashians

The past week has been unreal and packed with crazy shit. Bruce Jenner is now a woman known as Caitlin (do whatever makes you happy). Owen Wright is back from the dead and ready to fucking own the tour (his performance in Fiji was MENTAL!!!) and my Skil 100 broke AGAIN! This time I found the best solution to the problem, get an Accurate planer! Problems solved. Like most people in the business, this time of year, I'm getting flanked with orders from every direction and I couldn't be more thankful. Also thanks again to fellas involved in getting this planer to me so I can continue my passion work. 

Above is board #6 and #7 for the fundraiser I'd mentioned in the previous blog post. 3 more to go and we'll be rocking and rolling to the glass shop!

Board on the left is a 5'10 High Performance (High Aspect Ratio) Twinnie

Board on the right is a 6'0 Round Tail Single fin

Both boards are available to custom order even though they haven't made it to the board model pages. We're working on tweaking and updating those pages in the next few weeks. 

First board off the Accurate Planer

The Accurate planer couldn't have been more pleasing to use. The Nolls (Greg and Jed) along with the boys over at Accurate really did an outstanding job. The cut depth adjustment is so buttery and I've never used a planer with blades that cut so beautifully and smooth. This planer has changed the game for me so far I'm stoked to have added it into my arsenal. 

Above is a 5'8 "Micro Wing Dove" made for The Long House museum in East Hampton for the up coming "Surf Craft Design and the Culture of Board Riding" organized by the Mingei International Museum, San Diego. CA. Curated by Richard Kenvin. The show will be opening on July 31st. I've made 10 boards for a fund raiser that will each be painted on by various different artists. Stay tuned as the weeks progress to find out more...

My new girlfriend...


My trusty Skil 100 busted again the other day. This time I've got no idea how to remedy it because I've never seen this type of problem before. Its also the height of the season and considering the amount of orders I've got stacked up I decided to solve my never ending problem and pulled the trigger on an Accurate JN2. I'm sure this Accurate will keep me headache free for a long time. The Skil will now be my back up planer just incase the Accurate needs some R and R....Grit Drum install soon come! 

A Nod to Dave, Stephanie and Andrew...


A Channel Bottom Single  Fin modeled after the board Stephanie Gilmore is riding in Andrew Kidmans book "Single". I was inspired to make this by the beautiful lines and hard pivoting turns that Stephanie carved on the wave face. It was made over the course of a few months, constantly going back and feeling up the original board shaped by the masterful hands of Dave Parmenter. I will definitely be ordering an original from Dave himself at some point but in the mean time I thought I'd take a crack at it. 

As a bonus this board along with a few others will be painted as part of collaborative for with my friend and epic painter Lance De Los Reyes. Stay tuned for more on the series we're working on. 

"Diamond Tail Single" 1 of 6 for Pilgrim Surf Supply

I shaped this "Diamond Tail" Single fin this weekend for an upcoming order that is destined for the racks of Pilgrim Surf + Supply. All of the boards I'm working on for Pilgrim are a representation of a dependable chunk of my personal quiver. I'll keep you updated as to when they'll be hitting the racks. 

The template for this board was made blending a few templates together that Andrew Kidman and I worked on back in 2009. The board features a flat to semi rolled bottom (Very Slight) with a softened tucked edge that sits just underneath a modern "box rail". I adjusted and added some rocker in the front and back end of the board but kept it fairly close to natural rocker. Last but not least, I added "V" panels just behind the fin to aid in pivoting the board and to slow the board down when needed. These are my favorite combination of board elements. Stay tuned More to come

The Lance

This board will kick off a larger collaborative work between an artist friend of mine who's identity will remain a secret for now, until the artwork on the boards is presentable. For now all you get is a few photos of the custom board I made him. The template I used was a modified Micheal Peterson template that I stretched out a bit to reach 7'. I've also paired the outline with a slight (very slight) wing to aid in the release of water and to add a point in the rail where he can pivot the board from. This board will also be receiving 3 fins in the Widowmaker orientation. The smaller "side bite" fins positioned on the rail will act in concert to the theory of the wing, giving it more hold when pivoting through rail turns. This is the first of its kind for me but I'm confident this board will translate well to any surfer at any experience level. Designed for waves in the "fun zone" aka, thigh to head high. 



Mick Mackie


Photo by: Julien Roubinet


As a shaper I find it very important to ride all different types of boards including ones I might not have shaped myself. What makes a surfboard work well is the combination of rail shape, fin placement and rocker in regard to the waves you're testing the board in. There's a board in my quiver that usually seems to stick out more than most. It may be partly due to its unusual appearance or the sheer fact that most surfers in America haven't actually seen one in person (especially in NY).  The board I'm speaking about is my Flex-Tail Fish shaped by the masterful hands of Mick Mackie. Its evident that Mackie was largely inspired by the flex spoons of George Greenough and the radical "Winterstick" of Dimitri Milovich (who's snow surf designs, made for mountains, referenced the outlines and movements of surfers). The most interesting part about this board is the concept of adaptive rocker. The flex range of the tail tips intuitively adapt to the wave your surfing, making it a great board for a very wide range of waves. The more critical the wave or the harder the turn, the more flex you get. Its as if the board has a personality of its own. As something flexes it stores energy which is then released, when the pressure of the resistance is released. It feels like the board is boosting speed with every swoop, a feeling much easier understood when the board is under your feet. Mick Mackie is an amazing shaper making boards in Ulladulla New South Whales, Austrailia. His flex tails are an amazing marriage of concepts that have come full circle, borrowed and reborn into a class of their own. The legend that is Mick has been featured in Andrew Kidmans book/film "Lost in Ether". In my opinion he is one of the most innovative board builders around today. If you don't know of him you might consider adjusting your focus because you're missing out on some of the most interesting stuff that has graced surfing quite some time. 

(Below; Old photos from 09', out front of Mollusk Surf Shop in Brooklyn, the first day I received the board in the mail from Richard Kenvin via Kirk Gee the legend behind Consafos Press.)

After being blown away by the feeling of this board back in 09',  I made these fins for it in order to compliment the idea of "stored energy and flex" and that they did....really well.