"Diamond Tail Single" 1 of 6 for Pilgrim Surf Supply

I shaped this "Diamond Tail" Single fin this weekend for an upcoming order that is destined for the racks of Pilgrim Surf + Supply. All of the boards I'm working on for Pilgrim are a representation of a dependable chunk of my personal quiver. I'll keep you updated as to when they'll be hitting the racks. 

The template for this board was made blending a few templates together that Andrew Kidman and I worked on back in 2009. The board features a flat to semi rolled bottom (Very Slight) with a softened tucked edge that sits just underneath a modern "box rail". I adjusted and added some rocker in the front and back end of the board but kept it fairly close to natural rocker. Last but not least, I added "V" panels just behind the fin to aid in pivoting the board and to slow the board down when needed. These are my favorite combination of board elements. Stay tuned More to come