Trying to keep up with the Kardashians

The past week has been unreal and packed with crazy shit. Bruce Jenner is now a woman known as Caitlin (do whatever makes you happy). Owen Wright is back from the dead and ready to fucking own the tour (his performance in Fiji was MENTAL!!!) and my Skil 100 broke AGAIN! This time I found the best solution to the problem, get an Accurate planer! Problems solved. Like most people in the business, this time of year, I'm getting flanked with orders from every direction and I couldn't be more thankful. Also thanks again to fellas involved in getting this planer to me so I can continue my passion work. 

Above is board #6 and #7 for the fundraiser I'd mentioned in the previous blog post. 3 more to go and we'll be rocking and rolling to the glass shop!

Board on the left is a 5'10 High Performance (High Aspect Ratio) Twinnie

Board on the right is a 6'0 Round Tail Single fin

Both boards are available to custom order even though they haven't made it to the board model pages. We're working on tweaking and updating those pages in the next few weeks.