New Models!

Winged Tiger - Falcone Surfboard - Julien Roubinet 1.jpg

The two boards featured above are a few of the newest models currently available for order.  The DTS (Diamond Tail Single) & The Winged Tiger, both single fins with you're average to good surf in mind. 

DTS (Diamond Tail Single) (Average to Good Surf) : This is your classic single fin. Can be set up with an array of bottom contours and rocker profiles to suit you and your needs. It features a beaked nose, modern box rail with a tucked edge running from nose to tail. Primarily flat bottom and deck with a V out the tail. (Order this a little thicker and longer than you're normal shortboard)

Winged Tiger (Good to Really Good Surf) : I originally shaped myself one through the guidance and experimentation of Andrew Kidman and Tom Curren. This will be about the third or forth one I've made. This time I've foiled out the board a little more and kept everything else more subtle. Slight roll up front to a beaked nose that leads into a very slightly rolled deck and modern rails. The wings will provide a nice fulcrum for pivoting while sitting into cut backs or hooking turns under the lip. (Order this based on the dims of your average short board. + 1/4 inch thicker, for better buoyancy, to make up for the naturally narrow plan shape) 

Please shoot me an email with any questions. Thanks! 

Photos by Julien Roubinet