This particular design came to me after spending the better part of 3 months exclusively riding an Alaia made by Jon Wegener. The weather is so shifty in New York that its customary for any surfer living here to have a winter quiver and summer quiver. Surfing an alaia alone is difficult enough, imagine doing whilst covered in 5mm's of neoprene from head to toe. Needless to say, not my idea of fun. The feeling of riding an Alaia was all too addictive for me to just stop and place on the back burner till the spring, so I designed this one out of pure necessity. I was looking to make something to get me as close to the feeling as possible. I've basically mimicked the bottom contours and rail shape in hopes that the board will feel similar to the original alaia that I grew to love. The channels were added for a little bite while surfing it on the backhand. Over all, I was quite pleased and so were most of the people who've ridden it. The book, is by no means closed on this one. I'm constantly evolving the design tweaking everything from plan shape and bottom contours to rail shape and rocker.