The Keel fish has been the focus of my career as a shaper since day 1. It was the first design I'd ever attempted and surely one of the most reliable in my design library. 2 keel fins positioned close to the rail, gives this board great hold when the rail is set. The drive you get from hauling one of these fish down the line is incredible, a feeling one would have to experience in order to understand. Over the past decade I've ridden and studied a number of different keel fish from shapers like Steve Lis, Skip Frye, Rich Pavel, Josh Hall, Steve Pendarvis, Bob Mitzven, Mike Hynson, Hank Warner, Andrew Kidman and Mick Mackie. I'm currently making a few different versions of this design. Combining my favorite elements of each one and slightly tweaking rocker, rail shape, tail width and fin templates in order to personalize the board for the customer's needs. 

Keel fish range from 5'3-8'1+ (The longer fish are categorically different in terms of the style of surfing and approaching the wave.)


Classic Keel, Queens Keel, Micro Wing, Rocket, Daddy's Caddy (describtions of each model coming soon. All models can be tweaked to provide the most appropriate refinements for each surfer and their skill set.)

*Please note that keel fish can come with hand foiled Marine Ply Keels by the fin God, Larry Gephart or Removable fin boxes FCS Fusions, FCS ii or Future boxes.