Micro Wing Fish


The "Micro Wing" is a design born from the desire to get a bit more of a performance feel out of a fish. I've spent the bulk of my time riding either Rocket Keels or Classic Keels and I wanted a bit more from the experience. Especially since I really enjoy riding performance oriented boards. While considering the waves I'm typically surfing, my goal was to create something which required less commitment to long, drawn out turns as well as have a bit more of the pivot feel you get when on rail. I pair the board with a modified Keel fin which promotes speed and drive but allows for tighter more pivotal turns... The Micro Wing, is usually adorned with fin boxes of the riders choice and an option of 2 fin templates the rider can choose what feelings their looking for. The larger modern keel is great for down the line speed and the other is a more upright "hi aspect" style fin that will lend the board to approach lines similar to that of a thruster.