Widow Modifications

This was much needed...

The Widow and the Mackie

Australian Blood

The new/larger side bites

Grinded down to the fin marks.

Here is a shot of the older fins standing up against the new ones...I had to swap out the olders smaller fins for the larger ones with more surface area. I has having big troubles with the board sliding out on the bottom turns...hopefully these new ones will give the board the little extra hold it needs.

Again you can see the old fin laying up on the new ones.

The new fins were made using the original side bite template that Andrew Kidman took off of his own board "The Crush". They were sent to me via snail mail about a year ago. With the perspective surf on the way I thought this might be a nice opportunity to get this board back in the water. I'll sink her into some turns over the next few days and report back... Stay tuned

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this board, click here for more

Mini Fleet

Knuckle Head "C" aka Chris Caiazzo aka "the boy wonder" aka "I most likely got what you need" was cooling and flexing at the shaping bay. In between selecting tunes for the speakers and setting things straight, he lent a hand in photographing this mini fleet of Chopped Squares.

Two 5'8's and a 5'9


Working up a few more Chopped Squares....

5'8 x 19 x 2 3/8 ( x2 )


5'9 x 19.125 x 2 3/8

Chopped Square (White Out)

This is the newest model to come out of my shaping bay. I made this little gem for my buddy Juan after he and I were geeking out on the new Dane Reynolds "Neck Beard". I've already made another 2 of them but this one weighs in at 5'8 x 19 x 2.25" . If all goes well "The White Out" will work great for anything from knee high to 2 feet over head with a proclivity for doing rail turn cutbacks with tons of speed. It features a big single concave to a panel V out of the tail, Chopped Square tail, low rocker overall with a little flip in the nose and a modern box rail. We named it "The White Out" because after signing and drawing on the board Juan painted over every bit of pencil work with white paint. This will be getting glassed and finned in the next 2 weeks.

Stay posted and enjoy...

aurora ii

With the idea of peeling the winter skins off and the fact that summer is nipping at our heels I couldn't help myself but to assess my summer quiver. I began to revisit my notes in regards to the aurora and I came to the realization that I had to push the envelope and evolve the original prototype. With the Lord boards heavy on the mentals I took most of the design ideas from the Lord/Simmons theory. With the help of my buddy Simon (featured above) the aurora ii features a flatter bottom, flatter rocker in both the nose and tail, 2 extra channels and a wider tail, the aurora ii was born. I'll be testing this board over the next couple months so I'll have to report back with the progress.

Sue and Blue

"A boy named Sue". A 6'2 Diamond tail widow maker I shaped and painted this board while listening to "Live from San Quentin" album over and over and over.... the board was named "Sue" for obvious reasons. This was shaped and painted during a session with Takashi and Junko today for a piece they are working on for Blue Magazine. Stay posted for more progress on the board. I will be documenting the whole process.

Takashi and Junko being coy in the background. Checking the racks out. "We are the people behind the lens not in front of the lens" they say...Ha! Got ya!

Kess respect. Always and forever. With me on every wave.

Big thanks to Takashi and Junko and Blue for the interest in my work.
Peace. Love. Respect.

long tip fish

Long Tip Keel. I shaped, painted and made the fins for this board. It was all done for a friend of mine by the name of Bisse. He's a wacky guy from Sweden with and extraordinary personality. I wanted to do something extra special for him so I gave it a little more then usual. I even made the call to do one black future fin box and one white one (the peg leg). I had a lot different feelings and emotions while shaping this board. I feel that this is one of the most honest boards I've ever done. By honest I mean I did exactly what I felt like doing. No holding back. From shape to brush stroke and it was all a surprise. Bisse didn't know what to expect and when he arrived in NY I just put it in his hands. I was relieved when the grin on his face stretched from ear to ear. It was an exciting day for the both of us.

A head nod...

Fine lines drawn in by Mr. Mick Mackie. Lines proply erased by the churning wash that trails. Only a few moments immortalized. Mick is the regular footed chap on the black railed blade surfing the rights. Master craftsman, creative genius and a brilliant surfer. "He's a legend" as Ank would say. If anyone is a legend in his eyes they are a legend in mine. A head nod to a fellow craftsman in a similar pursuit. Respect.