Quad Fish for Pat B

The idea came up when my bredren Pat Butera called me and asked me if it was possible to recycle an old beat up china pop out board. After a look at the board I figured, Why not? Besides I think its a bit ironic to take a pop out and cut it down, shape it by hand and make a once frowned upon board legit. I quickly took him up on the offer and we began discussing possible sizes and templates. When you recycle old board like this you don't have much leeway to adjust the rocker and foil because you start out with very little foam. However the board had a decent amount of nose rocker so I figure if I move the template upward, the tail of the template would sit somewhere around the mid point of the china board leaving me enough meat to create my own rocker in the tail. The china board left me enough room to create a 5'11 double winged quad fish. The shape came out great and since I was soo stoked on the finished product I decided to add some extra touches to it. The board went from rags to riches in a total of 5 hours (including the artwork)

This is Pat, shredding at an early age.....Drop knee style at age 12