a visit from RK and Casper

On their recent trip to Cali, Bubbie and Dutchie convinced the swift mover himself Richard Kenvin to come back the big apple. Dutchie and I got to surf with homeboy in what turned out to be a rad session. RK brought "Casper" which is a 5'1" Hydrodynamica test pilot modeled after a Bob Simmons Spoon. Watching what RK was doing with this board was mind boggling. We did a bit of board shuffling in the water and RK and Dutchie ended up surfing the peanut butter 5'5" Twin Keel that I shaped a while ago and I was pleased that they had nothing but great things to say about it. The 7'6" quad "Fish Simmons" that Josh Hall shaped for us ended up getting a couple battle wounds but other than that the session we had was the best I've had in a while. 
Tons O' Fun

Seen above: 5'1" Bob Simmons Replica shaped for Richard Kenvin by Joe Bauguess for the "Hydrodynamica Test Pilot Series"