2008 Space Odyssey (Woodstock)

Say hello to the newest addition to the Grey Ghost fam. I call him Woodstock and he is 4'6". My brother bought the foam to make this board, for $2 at the rockaway swap meat. In its previous life it was a boring old 7'10 China "Funboard" with a thruster setup. It was snapped about 2' down from the nose so I didn't have much to work with. I worked out a template on some graph paper a while back and I figure this was an opportune time to give it a shot. Oddly enough I figured a way to cut the china thruster egg funboard down so that I had a perfect blank for this little guy. With minimal adjustment the rocker was exactly where I wanted it and all I had to do was put rail bands on it and turn them. I did this all by hand. No power tools. I'm going to foil my own fins for it and even glass it myself for old times sake. Stay tuned for the progress. Peace