Colabo Rehabo

I've been anxiously waiting for this board to be sea worthy ever since it took shape back in march. It finally arrived about two weeks ago and I got to ride it for literally 3 days. The 3rd day is when tragedy struck. It came in the form of a nervous barney that was sitting on his board on the inside. While I was surfing by, barney got nervous and thought that I was going to crash into him. In a panic he decided to dismount his board and push it in front of me. It was too close I couldn't do anything but jump off my board and hope for the best. When I got back to the beach I found my board laying in the sand with one of the leading fins dangling off. Luckily the fin wasn't damaged and neither was the board. I punched the fin off and paddled back out to try to cheer myself up and salvage my session. The rest of the session was pretty good and I let the board sit for a week until I started production. The fin is back on now and getting a fresh hot coat tomorrow. Your never safe. Beware of the ghost in the shorey. Unnecessary beef is more cows to feed. Peace.

-The Ghost