Block Party!!!!

Monster Island Arts And Music Festival Block Party
Saturday September 6th, 2008 from 2 to 10 pm
Metropolitan and River Street, Brooklyn NY 11211


2pm Gimmie Five
2:30 Trilateral Commission
3 Red Dawn II
3:30 Psychothriller
4 Raul De Nieves (art Performance)
4:30 Golden Triangle
5:30 Oneida
6:30 Surprise Band...
7:30 Micki Pellorano (art Performance)
8 Ex Models

9pm Oneida Records Record Downstairs in Their Studio (limited to 35 tickets...first come first serve)

DJ's Throughout the day!

Inside at Live With Animals: The K-Holes and Temptation (throughout the day)

Downstairs in the caves -Todd P. NYC sound studios- musicians play in their studios all day...

2 art openings- In Live With Animals "Symbiosis in Exotica" and in Secret Project Robot "We=Trouble: this is the best thing that ever happend"

BBQ by Mollusk Surf Shop!