"i'll seek out the things that must have been magic to your little girl mind..."

The magic little Quevz model has been working quite well and all parties are please. Juan has been busting on it and giving good feedback. He won the Rockstock contest taking first place in the masters division and has been drumming up inquiries from curious sliders looking to shred like Quevz. Its the surfer not the board....or is it?

Caiazzo, Juan, Tony Farmer, Shawn Roche and I all surfed together the other day in onshore unfriendly conditions but managed to score unexpected pumping and dumping shorey in the [].

Knuckle Head "C" was busting as well. "He shred so hard he bust his stick"...Literally...Caiazzo came off a huge chunky heavy floater and smashed the first 3 inches off his 5'4" The board is now a snub nose 5'1.

All photo cred goes to Tommy "Wave Dancer" aka "Lunchbox"