.quevz and frok.

This new Quevz model shaped for my stylish paizan Giuseppe "Frok" Giammona!

Quevz himself has been riding the board and we've been fine tuning it for maximum shredability. He just got back from Mainland Mex with "The Mini Guinea" himself, Chris "Knuckle Head" Caiazzo where they tested the board in the unfriendly black holes for Puerto Escondido. A new harder rail is being applied and the board is ready for the public and the first advocate of the Quevz way is Frok! Thanks dude! Email some photos of you shredding it!

This board is going to be the first generation quevz model that will be outfitted with 5 fin boxes and will have and option for quad.....the experiment continues..

stay tuned!

Almost forgot to mention that this was an old Clark foam blank!!