Irons Approved!

"The Popsicle". Shaped a while back. It came together through collaborative efforts between Pat "The Rat" Conlon and I. The Popsicle was our answer to "The Wizard Sleeve". The Wizard Sleeve was that board that Slater shaped himself and surfed in Micronesia on that boat trip a couple months back when he earned himself a the cover of Surfing Mag back in May 09. That board evolved further and Kelly ended up blowing minds when he rode another version of the original Wizard Sleeve at Backdoor (The original was 5'3 and the one Kelly rode at backdoor was 5'10). Anyhow we tweaked it to our preference and our local waves. Anyhow it is continuously being pushed and the results are quite pleasing! Its can handle itself real well in a hollow wave as well perform excellent in summer time surf. We are super stoked on what the board has been able to do. Pat put the board in the hands of the triple world title holder Andy Irons and according to Pat, Andy loved it! I wasn't able to get a chance to talk to Andy about it yet but I'm waiting to hear what he has to say. Stay posted.