Not quite six oh!

This little ashy number is the newest edition to my buddy Juans quiver. From the minds of Malik Jazz, much thought, conversation and collabortaion was devoted into the shape. The contours and rockers, were premeditated and the rails and tail shape revealed themselves in moment. Not quite the quevz model and not quite six'0 this board is 5'11.5 x 18.75 x 2 3/8 with a tapered cedar stringer for extra lip slapping action.
Juan and I wanted to experiment with using a lil' bit more foam then your average chip. We have high hopes for this one. I feel like it will be "The Little Engine That Could". This might very well be the 5'11 that you are comfortable taking out when everyone else is riding their six'tens . Ya dig? Foam was distributed and foiled out. The rails are a bit more bally then they appear and they have a little bit of the quevz down rail flavor. This is one of one so far. The search continues....Updates soon.