Feel the Pain!

""Well, that just goes to show how important shapers are. And how important a relationship with a shaper can be. I've only ever done whatever I've done in surfing because I want to go surfing - not because I want to dictate where surfing goes, or I want to lead surfing off into a certain area. I've just done it because I want to change what I'm doing and I want to move forward on what I'm doing. It's even going on today, as I deteriorate physically, as I get older. I want to make boards that I get a good feeling from, and that's going to help certain people and be detrimental to others.

If you want to stay back on a single fin, foster a relationship with someone. Develop a programme; come up with some money to pay someone to go through that painful experience of working with you, personally. Because it is a super painful experience, and we don't get paid for our pain. That's why we're not interested in your pain and your aspirations and your disappointments. We're interested in what we're doing and, if that then offers something to someone, well, it's a benefit for surfing."

Simon Anderson - From the Ether Interview" - Ether Blog

Big ups to Ank Manchild for the knowledge dropped, and Simon Anderson for keeping it realer than real. Truth be told and I couldn't have said it better.