Not so cuban linx..

My buddies Johnny Knapp (White), Juan Jose Heredia (Pink) shreaded the Brooklyn team to victory at the 5 boro surf contest this weekend. Juan was riding his trusty little Quevz

Juan as seen above, applying for dual citizenship of Brooklyn and Queens. Those of you who know me know I grew up living between Brooklyn and Queens. The 5 Boro NYC contest puts a bi-boro fellow like myself in a difficult position. With one foot rooted in BK and the other in QB its hard for me to figure out what team to go for in a battle of the boroughs contest, especially when friends are surfing on both teams, head to head, riding my boards. Ha! Even though Juan "Quevz" Heredia and Johnny Knapp took it for Brooklyn and Queens did lose, Chris Caiazzo was shredding hard on the Duster Bouglass. In the end all the matters is "Reppin ya boro!" If theres a bar of wax sold in the park, I want in!

Check out the article in ESPN: 5 Boro Surf Challenge (PS: They spelled Juans name wrong)

All photos by Cresitello/ESM