Take a closer look. Keone on the Grey Ghost prototype "808" HP longboard. I never make longboards because I don't really ride them, but my good buddy Keone does and really well i might add (as seen above). So I made him what we called the "808". Its a hard edged, modern box railed, high performance, tri fin long board. Keone is notorious for snapping his boards because no matter the conditions he always rides longboards and always aims straight for the barrel. I've yet to see a barrel that homeboy shied away from either. It seems to me that the more dredging and unwelcoming the barrel is, the more interested Keone is on sitting inside of it! Ha! We glassed this one a bit heavier and cut the laps a bit wider in hopes that it wouldn't break. I'll keep you posted.

Pat "The Rat" Conlon on the Popsicle. Getting barreled the only way he knows how. Which is to get as deep as he possibly can. Hurricane Igor got the best of some, Pat clearly got the best of it!....grey ghost soldiers. Reppin Queens in a similar fashion.