Widow Modifications

This was much needed...

The Widow and the Mackie

Australian Blood

The new/larger side bites

Grinded down to the fin marks.

Here is a shot of the older fins standing up against the new ones...I had to swap out the olders smaller fins for the larger ones with more surface area. I has having big troubles with the board sliding out on the bottom turns...hopefully these new ones will give the board the little extra hold it needs.

Again you can see the old fin laying up on the new ones.

The new fins were made using the original side bite template that Andrew Kidman took off of his own board "The Crush". They were sent to me via snail mail about a year ago. With the perspective surf on the way I thought this might be a nice opportunity to get this board back in the water. I'll sink her into some turns over the next few days and report back... Stay tuned

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this board, click here for more