Over the past 10 years I've made a lot of thrusters. Some worked well, some not so well. Through all my trials and tribulations I've found a combination of a few key elements to the design that I really feel works well for the majority of the waves in NY. With all things considered, thrusters can be made to work specifically for smaller or larger surf. Only after a conversation with the customer can a particular set of design elements be implemented, carefully considering what the surfer desires to feel on the waves he will be accessing with the board. This gallery is a representation of an array of different designs Ive played with over the years.

Thrusters can range from 5'4-7'0

(Beyond the 6'5 mark I advise moving to a "Widowmaker" fin setup if you're looking to smooth our your style in bigger surf. This option will feature a slightly more boxy modern rail with an distinct edge on the underside.)