"The Widowmaker" named and designed by the benevolent and multi faceted waterman (and I use that term very carefully)  Mr Dave Parmenter. I was introduced to this design for the first time by Andrew Kidman, in his film Litmus. The images of Neil Purchase riding the yellow widowmaker on his backhand at kirra was burned into my mind. Years after seeing that footage for the first time, I was linked with Andrew (through some mutual friends) and had the opportunity to work side by side with him to make a series of these boards in my shaping bay back in 2009. During Andrews 3 month visit, we'd been corresponding with Parmenter via email to make sure we were right on course. With Dave's help, Andrew and I were able to make templates for both the boards and the 3 fins adorned on the bottom them. I made the fins by hand, mostly due to the fact that we couldn't find the right combination of fins that were appropriate for the design anywhere. Dave and Andrew had graciously given me the blessing to continue making the Widowmaker and experimenting with the design. Since then I've made a few more and really loving it.

Bridging the gap between a thruster and a single fin, the Widowmaker is a term that refers specifically to the fin setup, shape and placement of the cluster. The larger center fin in its placement provides drive and hold for more consequential situations. Unlike the larger and more equal proportions of the rail fins to center fin on a thruster setup, the Widomaker's side bites are far smaller and give you a position on the rail in which to pivot your turns from. Perfectly complimenting the attributes/characteristics of the large center fin. For me this meant not having to go through the motions of prepping the board for a rail turn or doing that slight fade turn before I start my bottom turn. You will find yourself surfing the wave instead of trying to surf the board. All that skatey tic tacking you see most people doing on thrusters these days in order to pump down the line, isn't going to cut it with this board. My whole approach had slowed down and become more calculated. That feeling alone has opened my eyes and changed my approach completely. This board will challenge you unless you're proficient on a single fin. 

Available from 5'10 - 9'0